Exploring the Historic Sites of Williamson County, Tennessee

Williamson County is a county located in central Tennessee, named after Hugh Williamson, a politician from North Carolina who signed with the United States. This county is home to many historical sites and attractions, from the Masonic Hall to the Lotz House Museum, offering plenty of opportunities to explore and learn about the area's history. Downtown Franklin is a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. With annual events such as Mainstreet Brewfest, Main Street Festival, Tour of Homes and Pumpkinfest, there is always something to do.

Plus, as you walk through the local shops and restaurants, you can gain insight into the history of the city from the locals or from the various dishes on the street. The Masonic Hall is one of the last remaining such buildings in the United States and is considered to have been the first three-story structure west of the Allegheny Mountains. After having seen the Lodge provide services to the community for decades, this farm is full of historical significance. For those looking to learn more about Franklin's past, this is an ideal place to visit. The Lotz House Museum was established after German immigrant Johann Albert Lotz arrived in Franklin in the mid-19th century.

It was here that he became an accomplished carpenter and piano maker. After his death, this house-turned-museum became an exhibition room to showcase Lotz's most prized creations. Franklin also supports nonprofit organizations, businesses, residents and local visitors with places like Fox & Locke. Thursday open mic nights are especially popular here, as tickets often sell out weeks in advance. Everyone is welcome to take the stage, and in a city full of up-and-coming artists and some of music's greatest legends, you never know who will be performing. Franklin Square is another great spot for those looking for historic charm.

Onyx & Alabaster offers interior design services, home store items and coffee shop drinks all in one place. City Farmhouse is perfect for those seeking rustic design inspiration or antiques. And Triple Crown Bakery provides all the most appreciated flavors and styles of a French pastry shop. The Carnton House is another historic site worth visiting while you're in town. Built and owned by a former slave, this house-turned-museum displays the immense struggles, triumphs, and important contributions of Williamson County's black community. The Natchez Trace Parkway roughly follows the Old Natchez Trace, a historic travel corridor used more than 10,000 years ago by Native Americans, European settlers, and more.

Starting in Nashville, Tennessee and ending in Natchez, Mississippi, this parkway offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. Finally, Franklin Road Apparel is another local favorite that embodies all things modern and historic. Founded by Ken in Nashville before finding its home in downtown Franklin, this store offers high-quality jeans and designer clothing racks with nods to its ancient history of fast cars and fire trucks. Williamson County has plenty of historical sites to explore for those looking to learn more about its past. From Masonic Hall to The Carnton House to Franklin Road Apparel, there are plenty of places to visit for a dose of historic charm.