Replicate Microsoft CRM 3.0 Instance

Q.I need to replicate another instance of running Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 to another staging server, because user needs to have testing server that has same data with the running Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. User agrees that the replication process might only be done manually and periodically bases (whenever needed). Both Production and Staging Server connects to same Active Directory/Domain. I am not sure what is the best practice to do this. I have tried to backup and restore database (both metabase and crm) from production server to staging server (crm installed), but it's failed with the Authentication Error. I have thought about using Redeployment Tools, but it can only be done using fresh installation (no existing crm), can't it? Any other idea what the possibility to do this?

A.I think that following the redoplyment guidance is your best bet. When you do a new CRM installation, choose "Custom Installation" and then select the option to point to the existing CRM database copy that has been updated with a different organization name via the redeployment tool -- possibly "Microsoft CRM" since it is for testing. While our team has not tried side-by-side test and production CRM instances in the same domain, we anticipate that it could be a challange to configure the Exchange connector to deal with both instances. So you might want to skip that piece if it is not essential to your client's testing. Hope this helps.

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